Top 5 Big Facts You Need To Know About BTC 1: Genesis

1.     First professional MMA bout in Ontario in two years.

It's no secret that Ontario has been void of one of the most exciting sports in the world for the last few years. Outside of the presence of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the regional scene has suffered to maintain its relevance.  BTC Fight Promotions aims to change that with the first professional regional mixed martial arts event since 2015. Trust us, this is an event not to be missed if you are a die-hard MMA fan.

2.     BTC 1 is a new beginning for many.

Staying true to our roots, BTC Fight Promotions aims to be the next prominent promotion to offer young Ontario talent a chance to shine on the pro stage. With the amateur MMA scene massively growing it only makes sense that BTC Fight Promotions can easily become the next new home for up and coming athletes. BTC 1: Genesis will play host to six fighters making their professional MMA debuts including Adam De Frietas, Greg Desrochers, Patrick Connors, Anniestasia Nikolakakos, Cody Kent and Duncan Henry.

3.     BTC 1 plays host to some of Ontario’s top MMA gyms.

BTC Fight Promotions would be nothing without its fighters and we are proud to know that we are offering well-deserved professionals and their respective gyms a chance to highlight where they come from. BTC Fight Promotions is an extension of Burlington Training Centre, a premiere MMA/fitness facility that is proudly home to card representatives Adam Assenza and Scott Hudson. But other notable gyms involved in this card are Oakville’s Parabellum MMA, Mississauga’s M.A.F.A, Burlington’s Academix, Toronto’s Grant's MMA, Stoney Creek’s House of Champions and more.

4.     The numbers speak for themselves.

Who doesn’t love a fight that finishes? The beauty of matchmaking means that the best fighters possible come together to live by their sword. BTC Fight Promotions not only aims to bring homegrown talent to the forefront, but also provide a stage for some of Canada's most thrilling match-up's. Looking at just the Canadian based professional (not debutantes) on the card, BTC 1: Genesis has a total of 16 KO/TKO finishes and 7 submission finishes! Be sure for fireworks on May 27!

5.      BTC Fight Promotions is here to stay. Period.

BTC Fight Promotions aims for a lot of things, but disappearing is not one of them. Considering the state of Ontario MMA in the past five years alone (shall we say, non-existent?) BTC aims to become the mainstay for regional MMA events in the province. But the professional sector is not where the promotion plans to stop. BTC Fight Promotions is a firm believer in the grassroots movement which means our name is happily slapped on CASK approved amateur kickboxing events and is in the works to host amateur MMA events in the future as well. We love fighting and it comes in a variety of sectors, that's why ignoring the amateur scene is something we don't plan to do.

Don't miss out on BTC Fight Promotions introductory event "BTC 1: Genesis" on Saturday, May 27 2017 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in partnership with the Toronto Pro Super Show. Tickets are on sale now and are $35, $55 and $75.